Friday, December 11, 2009

Back down the rabbit hole - December, 2009

I go see Dr. Saviour. He talks to me about lupus again b/c I have asked if my symptoms could be an immune response to everything. My ANA levels were 1:640 the last time they were checked. However in April, when I was the most sick, they were 1:2650. So although they were still elevated last time, they were certainly lower than in April. Dr. Saviour takes blood to check my ANA levels again. I have read that ANA levels can also be elevated with lyme disease. i also read on-line the following, "If on the other hand, the ANA comes back positive, that IS NOT proof of lupus. The positive ANA is only an indicator, it is not diagnostic: many women have positive ANA and not Lupus)." It is frustrating and upsetting to be worried again that lupus could still be in the mix. I was on medicine for lupus for months and had no improvement all summer. It wasn't until I was put on the antibiotic doxycycline that I saw major improvements in only 2 weeks!

KG goes to see his doctor about his tick bite. His doctor tells him "he'll be fine, and not to worry about it." I am still amazed this is the reaction people get. I had told KG this would most likely happen. B/c we have talked about it, he insists the doctor at least give him a script to get tested. He will go do that in a few days. I am staying on top of him to do this and to be hypersensitive to ANY weird symptoms that pop up. He has read this blog now (and God Bless him he hasn't gone running and screaming away from me), and so he is clued into what lyme disease can do to him if he isn't diligent.

I am back on doxycycline. It's been 3 days. I am not looking forward to the nausea and inability to eat. However, I am interested to see if the symptoms that have crept back in will be pushed away again and how long it will take! I will take nausea over this headache any day!

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