Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doxy continues – October 2009

I feel slightly toxic again at the beginning of October.  I realize that it has been exactly 1 month since I was put on doxy, and think maybe the symptoms are cycling again.  That would make sense.  I still have the taste perversion but overall I am actually feeling good.  I keep waking at 4 and 5 am again, but I think I have been on Lunesta too long and while it puts me to sleep it doesn’t keep me asleep and must be out of my system after about 5 hours or so.  I take my last dose of Plaquenil, which I am really happy about.   On the first Saturday of the month I am extremely nauseous and can barely eat that day.  I skip a dose of doxy, as my stomach just can’t handle it.  I go off of the Lunesta and Lyrica and actually fall asleep.  I wake up at 4:30 am but am thrilled I actually fell asleep without a sleep aid.  I still have some aching in my neck and it is stiff sometimes and I get a tension headache, but it is so much less intense than in the beginning of the year when I was really sick. I check in with Dr. Saviour and as usual we have a productive appointment.  He answers all of my questions and concerns. I am worried that my antibiotic dose is too low, that I will build up a resistance to the antibiotics, that we are not addressing co-infections, that when I go off of the doxy I will get even more sick than in the beginning of the year.   He advises I stay on the doxy and my ½ dose of Zoloft until the end of the month and then I have to have weaned myself off of everything.  He wants to see how my body reacts.  I am terrified for this.  I have been feeling like a normal person. Maybe not every day, but I have moments of perfection where my body feels good and I can stretch and there is no pain.  It is a miracle.  I lie in bed in the morning and instead of being curled into the fetal position, the only position that felt comfortable for so long, I can lie on my back and stretch, and take in the morning sun and silence.   I have even been able to go for long, slow walks and get a stretch in afterwards without pain or exhaustion.   Towards month’s end I am having more days of feeling good, and I am able to go for a walk every other day.  I still have this horrible taste perversion and no appetite because of it.  Although I have to eat so I can take the doxy! 

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