Monday, February 10, 2014


I finished up 6 months of i.v. rocephin in August of last year.  I really think the i.v. antibiotics were a necessary part of my healing.  They got me to another layer of wellness and definitely made a difference with my brain and ability to focus and take in information.  I still have a hard time when I'm tired, but it's not like before where every day was miserable.  The down side of the i.v. antibiotics is that I had an E.R. visit because of my gallbladder.  I had been warned about this and knew it was a possibility, but it was still so scary when it happened.  I thought I was having a heart attack, because the gallbladder pain radiated into my chest.  My test results were "normal," ha!  The pain went away but I had to be super careful about dairy and fat intake (both of which can agitate the gallbladder).  I started taking something called Actigall as well while on the antibiotics.  But even after being off of the antibiotics for 6 months now, I still have to be careful with fat intake.

I saw a homeopath after I went off of the antibiotics.  He was amazing and so intuitive.  He gave me a remedy in his office that day.  I got really, really sick two times after that, but he had warned me I would.  There is no doubt that the homeopathic remedy he gave me drastically healed my gut.  It was expensive to see him but I feel like even if the only thing that disappeared were the painful stomach issues...totally worth it.  I really had to give over to his knowledge because I didn't fully understand how the remedy could work like that.  He gave me something called Lachesis Muta, otherwise known as snake venom.  The rule of homeopathy is "like heals like," and the way it works is if a particular remedy CAUSES a certain set of symptoms, then said remedy should HEAL those same symptoms.  There are other factors that come in to play that the educated and experienced homeopath uses to treat you.  I have learned so much about healing and my body in this journey. 

There was a follow up mammogram right before Christmas and I got the best present I could ask for.   A clean mammogram!!!  Now I have to go back in a couple of months for another one.  I've researched this though (having become an expert researcher because of lyme) and I think mammos and MRI's are not a good thing for me.  I have dense breasts and I have learned that with dense breasts mammos don't always pick up what's there.  I'm looking into thermography and other options for me.  It just doesn't make sense to me to continue to expose my already damaged breast tissue to radiation every 6 months as well as smushing it this way and that way during a mammo.  Seriously, somebody has got to find a better way.

I started using a rife machine about 3 months ago, a GB4000.  I think it's helping.  When people mentioned a rife machine to me when I was first sick I thought, "these people are CRAZY."  That will never be me.  But I have crossed over officially to all things alternative and now here I am.  This is the last frontier for me healing wise.  I have tried all of the other possibilities and I am still only about 80% of functioning.  I can still feel infection lurking in my joints and waiting to flare when I am tired or stressed.  I'm hoping with the rife machine I will finally be released from the lyme.   Here' s a link to learn more about rifeing and Dr. Royal Rife.  It requires it's own post!  Like all things lyme, the topic is controversial and there are people on both sides of the works/it doesn't work and is a scam.  The last thing sick people need is yet something else to fight over.  Sigh. 

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