Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Lyme Lessons Learned

1.  I must be my own advocate.  No one can be inside my body and fix what is broken.  I am 100% responsible for eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, taking my medicine, creating healthy boundaries, educating myself and getting up every day despite the pain and pushing to the next level of wellness.
2.  What it means to relax.  In my old life a day of "relaxation" was cleaning, doing laundry and a workout.   Now a day of relaxation means lying down, doing nothing, daydreaming, filling the tank and actually relaxing.
3.  The only thing I can really control on any given day is my attitude.
4.  Nobody has the one answer that is going to heal this illness for me.
5.  Pain and darkness are balanced by joy and light.
6.  Crying has it's purpose.  Throwing a tantrum at the universe has it's purpose too.
7.  When all else fails, go to bed.  It will be better the next morning.
8.  I am way more spiritually strong than I thought.
9.  Trust my intuition.  The body knows. 
10.  Everything in my life up to this point that tested me, has been trumped by lyme disease. 

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