Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chasing the bugs

Part II

So I finally get a positive lyme test result.  Now what?  I'm still having these excruciating monthly flares...nerve pain in my face so bad it hurts to breathe air through my nostrils.  I spend about 5 days curled up, not moving, just trying to get through it.  Zomig migraine spray helps the pain, but then I pay with a rebound headache. 

I see my doctor and I've now done four UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) therapies.  The blood is taken out of my body (about 60ccs), then oxygen is mixed with it.  Then the blood goes through a machine that looks like a little tanning bed and is irradiated with ultraviolet rays.  This process "cleans up" the blood irradiating viral, fungal and bacterial bugs in the process.  I definitely feel better the day of and the day after.  I have much more energy and can think clearer.  I also think it's helping my sleep.  But these monthly flares aren't responding.

Now it's time to "chase the bugs."  We are doing the anti-viral Valtrex (to help with the Herpes aspect).  Many people have herpes whether it's Herpes Simplex 1 or 2 (oral or genital) or Herpes Virus 6, but their immune system is strong and keeps it in check.  Sometimes a trauma, whether it be physical illness or emotional can trigger the herpes. Types of Herpes Viruses Because I've been fighting a bacterial infection for so long my immune system is weak and I can't keep it in check anymore.   I've tested positive for oral herpes and HHV-6.  So we are going with Valtrex to start.  Then, I'm adding Olive Leaf Extract.  Then, during a flare, we are hitting it with two ultraviolet blood irradiation sessions.  If the flares don't start to cease, the big guns are coming...I.V. antibiotics.  I have tried the diet route, I have tried anti-bacterials and now I've had enough and want the bugs gone.  I want my life back.

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