Thursday, June 10, 2010

Testing continues

I see Dr. B again and have now had 14 blood tests, all of which are still negative. In the meantime, I have some very painful headaches during ovulation again, with a swollen, stiff neck and shoulders. This time Dr. B draws about 6 vials of blood to test me yet again for lyme, all of the possible co-infections, as well as checking on my ANA (antinuclear antibodies for lupus) and my white blood cell count. I see him next week and we are to decide, despite what my tests say, whether or not I should go forward with 2 months of iv antibiotics. It is terrifying to sit in front of my doctor, who I am counting on to help me figure out what is wrong with me, and he is basically admitting he doesn't know at this point what the definitive answer is.

I visit with a new gynecologist, Dr. M. My older sister began menopause at age 44 and my younger sister is also having reproductive issues. Even though I had these tests last year and everything was normal, I am now having irregular periods and still experiencing excruciating headaches during ovulation. I am worried that there is something else going on beyond the lyme. My sister has read about women who are actually allergic to their own estrogen, and so now I wonder if this is happening to me. I am also having issues with foods, where I will eat a certain food and then I will feel very unwell all over the next day. Something that is interesting that happens is that during one of my ovulation "episodes," where I have the bad headache and swelling/pain in my neck and shoulder, I take a Sudafed (allergy pill) and all of the pain goes away within an hour. So now I wonder if there is an allergic reaction of some sort happening in my body, or the Sudafed acted as an anti-inflammatory and so that is why I feel better. The new gyno, Dr. M., is not very helpful. I ask him if he does hormone testing weekly for a month, so he can measure where my hormone levels are throughout the month. He says, "no." I say, "no? as in you won't, or you don't?" He says, "well, I'll test you for whatever you ask me to test your for, but I don't really do that." I decide right then that this is the last time I will visit this doctor, but I need him to do an internal and a pap just to make sure there is nothing urgent I need to address. He does them, so I am waiting for those results and hoping that everything is normal.

In the meantime, I will see an allergist and possibly an immunologist. I feel crazy again and almost can't believe it is a year since I started this blog and I am still writing about new doctors I am going to see. My Mom, in her infinite patience, wisdom, and kindness, reminds me that even though it HAS been a year, I have come so far since then. I try to stay in that positive head space, but can't help thinking sometimes that this is how it's going to be for good.

There is a lyme disease hearing in Harrisburg, PA, next week. I plan to go and hope I will feel well enough to do so.


  1. Welcome to gyno hell. Unless you are coming in pregnant or looking to get up the duff, they don't care or invest too much time in it. Try looking for a Reproductive Endocrinologist. They should be able to do the correct tests. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks C! I now, unfortunately, understand your pain. I am now about 20 doctors in. I hope you are faring better these days.