Saturday, February 20, 2010

End of Doxycycline Round 2

I have been on doxycycline now for 2 months. I feel like the "lyme symptoms" are retreating, but am plagued with other, new symptoms; my back aches every day, I am horribly constipated, I am nauseous and these headaches haunt me all during my period. I see Dr. Saviour and discuss all of these symptoms with him, most of which are the result of the doxycycline. I also ask him what I can be doing to boost up my immune system and if there are supplements or vitamins I can take. He only suggests a multi-vitamin which really frustrates me. In the reading I have done in lyme books and on-line, it seems clear that there are two viewpoints to this. Some docs feel antibiotics are enough and that if these do not heal the disease, anything else is residual. In the other camp are those that feel antibiotics are not enough and that supplements and other alternative therapies are necessary.

Dr. Saviour then says to me in this appointment that I might need to see a rheumatologist! I can't believe he has said this. I feel like I am back at square one. When I was in Los Angeles and first got sick, I saw a rheumatologist and then about 3 more before getting the lyme diagnosis. Dr. Saviour takes blood again because he wants to check the white blood count and says he will call me immediately with the results. He feels the doxycycline could even be bringing it down.

Heather S., my friend in New Jersey, has gotten not only a positive lyme test back, but has tested positive for other co-infections. She has been great about funneling information my way and has been very supportive of me getting help beyond antibiotics. She is very sick now with her own treatment, but somehow fights harder than I do. When she suggests I need a new doctor, I am resistant. The idea of starting the search again, meeting a new doctor, going over my history of the last year, possibly having to get tested again for lyme is overwhelming. I am so tired of all of this. I spent months researching what could be wrong with me, and saw so many doctors. The experiences were not good and so I need to rally myself again emotionally and physically to find someone beyond Dr. Saviour if that is going to be needed.

The day after my appointment with Dr. Saviour he calls me very early in the morning. He says my white blood cell count has dropped yet again, to a 2.4. He is very worried and tells me to stop the doxycycline immediately. I was to be on it a 3rd month, but he wants me to stop. He wants to see if my white blood cell count will come up.

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